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27,000 Home Are On The Current Denver Market! What Will Help Yours Sell?

If Realtors Can’t Get Their Clients Out Of the Car, They Can’t Sell Your Home! Curb Appeal Counts! It Matters in Every Price Range.

I offer 15 years of real estate experience to the many factors that help to sell a home at the best possible price in the shortest amount of time. Remember, we don’t live in our homes the way we present them to the real estate market when you are competing with your neighbors. So, let’s discuss a few things that effect the price and the number of days the property will be on the market.

Curb Appeal: In summer the exterior of your home and yard should be well groomed and well maintained with moderate seasonal landscaping. Hire a gardener if you must to maintain a polished look from the street. If you are a gardener, tone it down a bit so that your yard will not feel overwhelming to someone who is not. Well Groomed Counts!

In the winter months your home should have that feeling of warmth and welcome. Since we can look colorless during midwinter, perhaps add a dried floral spray to the front door. Buyers often feel that a tasteful and well-maintained exterior is an indication that the interior will show the same attention and care. The lack of snow removal is a lawsuit waiting to happen!

Condition: Contracts will come in more quickly and buyers will pay more for a home that has been well maintained and in good condition without a lot of “deferred maintenance”. Homes must be properly prepared to put on the market to receive the closest to asking price. Homes that are on the market and showing “wear” and poorly maintained homes frequently will receive “low-ball” offers. An experienced agent that also works with buyers knows how buyers will react to these homes. An experience agent will show you how to properly prepare your home for today’s market!

Location And Most Desirable Factors: For the best pricing the homes that are on a quiet street with low traffic or in a cul de sac, near a park, backing open space or a green belt, located on a corner lot and within reasonable walking distance to an elementary school have the strongest selling factors. .

Pricing: Remember an over priced home only helps to sell the other homes in your neighborhood that are comparable to yours and available for less. Appropriately pricing a home is paramount in getting the home sold at the best possible price for maximum profit in the quickest amount of time!

Appraisals: An appraisal should be considered only one important part of establishing your homes sale price. The appraiser looks to the past to establish a homes value. A realtor looks to the future and the current state of the economy, the local housing market, your local competition and what buyers are indicating are current purchasing priorities. Often the appraisal and current market differ. Remember supply and demand can change quickly.

Market Analysis: A professional full time experienced realtor should be contacted to competently evaluate the current market. A compete market analysis of your home in your neighborhood’s sold and available homes is the best way to determine your best asking price. You can price your home depending on the amount of time you have to sell. A careful analysis is necessary so that the seller does not leave any money on the table!

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